What are the Wise Mind Nutrition 12 Principles?

Dr. David Wiss

October 30, 2022


1) Don’t become too attached to any one way of eating, as it should evolve over your lifespan. Don’t become too attached to any guiding principles, instead let them guide you.

2) Consistency with food leads to consistency with life. Welcome some uncertainty into the equation. Meanwhile, try to be as consistent as possible. Remember that change is a process, not an event.

3) Getting the right trauma treatment can make all the difference. The embodiment of stress and adversity can create the illusion of separation. The goal of healing work is integration. Heal from the past so you can start to fully live in the present.

4) Remember the mantra: “Never Hungry, Never Full” which strives to gain a position of neutrality where there is safety and protection. There are no active threats at this moment.

5) Connecting with food at the store, washing and cutting produce, and creating delicious meals at home is one component in healing a disordered relationship to food. Access ancient wisdom.

6) By consuming a range of foods from all the different categories, you can be confident that all your nutritional needs are being met. The key is balancing out all the food groups to access all the nutrients that Mother Nature has to offer. 

7) Increase bacterial diversity in your gut by increasing the variety in your eating. Now that you’re feeding your microbes, it’s not about you anymore! Consume plants from all color categories to access the wide range of polyphenols that occur in Nature.

8) Instead of focusing on what to restrict, focus on what to increase. You don’t need to “count” to thrive. Abandon the math and experience food freedom. Be less concerned with the quantity and more concerned with the quality.

9) How we think about food and our bodies is also an essential part of mental wellness. Making peace with the body is critical to making peace with food. There comes a time in our lives when sanity must come before vanity.

10) You’re perfect just the way you are, and there’s always room for improvement. Put positive energy into the world, and positive things will come back to you.

11) As human beings, we have a depth to us that we often ignore or forget. We often fail to see ourselves as small parts of an integrated whole, or parts of a collective consciousness. Eating represents our most profound interaction with Nature daily.

12) You have every right to act in accordance with your emerging nutritional identity. Remember who you are: we don’t just live in Nature. We are Nature. Embrace it.